Sunday, October 23, 2011

Toi et moi

For a while, you had been talking about taking classes in making jewelry. There's this thing between you and your peers that makes you long for wearing handmade jewelry. I thought it was a good way to be creative and make something beautiful.

So I asked Dr Google and he came up with a class in the hood. Fair enough! There was one issue though: classes were on Friday night and you had just agreed on taking care of two young boys on Friday nights on a weekly basis. But you talked to their mom and you were allowed to skip one Friday night.

I was surprised when you asked me to join you to the jewelry class. I liked the idea of doing something fun with you, so I was happy to join you. We had a great time in our first class. You didn't have a hard time deciding what you wanted to make. In no time, you had made a wonderful earth tone necklace. You picked beautiful beads in matching colors. You had doubts about who you wanted to make the necklace for. Grandma would have loved your necklace, but you wanted to keep your first creation. Now you know how to create beautiful jewelry, I'm sure we'll see more of it.

I made a necklace too. My piece of art has fall colors and tiny Swarovski beads. I think it looks amazing and it's very delicate and light.

You're too fast for me. You made a pair of earrings too! I'm sure you thought about the design beforehand, because you knew exactly what to look for in the shop. Once again, your creativity startled me. Congrats sweetie! You did real well! And thank you for asking me to join you. I enjoyed the mommy-daughter time.


Anonymous said...

Was dat bij

Bittersweet said...

Nee toch niet. Hobbyfarm in Eeklo.
Maar ik heb die website bekeken en het ziet er wel heel interessant uit! Bedankt!