Saturday, October 22, 2011

A reality check

Children get diabetes too.. No matter how young or old you are: anyone out there could become a diabetic..

She's 16. Still in her teens, but so mature. Diabetes stole the innocence of her youth. Diabetes made her grow up fast. It's not easy to have a chronic disease as a teen. No teen wants to be different from its peers, especially not by having some kind of disease that forces you to inject yourself with insulin.
It's not cool to poke your fingers 8 times a day. Counting carbs is not something youngsters should have to do. Going to bed early because the high blood sugars make you sick, is not on your to do list...
No parent should have to worry about a child with diabetes.. No child deserves this condition.

This girl is so courageous. She's a fighter. She falls but stands up. She's willing to beat diabetes and she refuses to let diabetes take over. That's why she designed this shirt.. Give her your vote. Because she's worth it. Because she makes diabetes look good!

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