Monday, November 28, 2011

Curvaceous girls and V-shaped boys

There's a preference in the ratio between waistline and hips. Men prefer females with small waists and wider hips, in a ratio of 0.7. These ladies would represent fertility and good health. What men really want, is a healthy ratio. It doesn't matter if you're large, tall, small or skinny. It's all about the right ratio between body parts. The most attractive part of a female's body, is a sexy smile. Men like positive women. They find a spontaneous smile truly appealing. I'm sure though, their eyes don't stay focussed on the face for that long. We all know how fast their eyes try to discover other body parts. But at least, they start with the face.. Are men so different from women? I don't know.. It makes me wonder about what I find attractive in men. The first impression is important. Without having spoken to the man in person, the only thing you can comment on, is their appearance. Yes, the smile is important, and so are the eyes. I like bright, radiant eyes with a flirty sparkle.
I like an honest, broad smile. A smile that represents humor and a fun personality.

We all hear that the inside of a person is so much more important than what that person looks like. I'm getting to know more and more people on the Internet. Internet is different in that way, that you don't have an idea what people really look like. You might see a small picture, but you can never be sure it's actually that person you're "talking" to. You get to know that person by sharing experiences, discussing different subjects, getting to know their emotional side. Those experiences can be very appealing and I think they are a good way of getting to know someone. Before you actually meet, you know a whole lot about this one particular person and it changes the way you feel about their appearance. Sometimes you imagine what that person would look like in real life. On other occasions, by no means can you imagine a real person behind the characteristics. These meetings are not about curvaceous female bodies or V-shaped male chests. These meetings are deeper, because they value the true beauty of your encounter..

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