Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Lost in Venice

The two hour train ride from Trieste to Venezia, was not that bad. We had a lot of fun conversations and the view was immense. I missed my personal photographer..
She would have made the most beautiful snapshots. I was fortunate though, that our youngest daughter let me use her camera in Italy. At least we could make some souvenir pictures.

Venice was fantastic! So colorful, so crowded, so full of tourists.
I have never seen such a huge collection of masks. This one particular friend of mine would have loved the phantom masks and the unique costumes. We really have to go see a musical or opera in Venice!

We walked and walked and walked up until the point where we got lost. That didn't bother us, because there were so many interesting places. We kept going, enjoying the scenery and the Italian atmosphere.
How special it was to have a drink on the San Marco Square, surrounded by tourists from all over the world. The humans were outnumbered by pigeons though and they scared us, but still, they belonged there. It was a joy to see toddlers chase them. Those birds are not easily scared. They are so used to human beings, that they don't fear to hop onto your table and steal your biscotti.

At a certain point I realised how lucky I was to be there.. Who could have imagined the three of us in Venezia? Really. That was so surreal. I'm glad my husband gave me the chance to do this city trip and let me have a good time amongst friends. I will bring my family one day. Promised!


Jangeox said...

Prachtige kiekjes! Het is er heel mooi hé. Wel wat druk, maar het is zo uniek.

Bittersweet said...

Het was super manneke, wees gerust!