Monday, November 14, 2011

Let's get it over with

By now, you will be fast asleep. Not in your own bed, not even at home. You're in the hospital. Just one week ago, we went to see a periodontologist. He was real gentle with you, but the breaking news was, that he needed to help you out with an issue in your mouth. One of your teeth is not in the right place. It's sunken away in your gums and it doesn't come down where it's supposed to be. So he needs to open up your gums and pull the tooth downwards. He gave you the choice for local anesthesia or the full option. You wanted to be sedated completely and I don't blame you. Three shots in your pallet and gums are not something to look forward to..
I hope the operation will be over soon. I'll be waiting for you sweetie. Of course you will be sore. Not right away, because of the pain killers. But in the late afternoon, you will need some extra cuddles and attention. No pain, no gain, right? But I wish it were different kiddo.. xx


Upje said...

Oh, is dat vandaag?! Good luck ... En geef ze maar een dikke knuffel van mij bij! Maar voorzichtig, hé ;).


Jangeox said...

Hoe is het gegaan?

Bittersweet said...

Het is allemaal goed verlopen en ze heeft niet teveel pijn (denk dat de pijnstillers ook nog niet uitgewerkt zijn). 't is een moedig meisje hè!