Thursday, November 3, 2011

Not today, not just yet..

Photo by Lana Joos
As soon as Dad gets dressed, you point your ears, hop off the couch and follow him around like a shadow. It's like you make the link between Dad getting dressed and going for a walk. He sometimes tries to fool you, by walking around the dining table in circles. You follow him, your nose close to his leg. He starts to go a little faster and you speed up too. Even running around the table doesn't make you give up. But when Dad turns around and runs in the opposite direction, you fool him! You didn't turn around. You just stayed put and waited for him to approach you..

Photo by Lana Joos
He had to let you down though. Too much rain. Not a pleasant day to go for a walk. At least not for humans. To you, rain is party time! You love to race around the fields on rainy days. You are probably not a real whippet though.. Most whippets prefer to stay inside when it's pouring out there. They prefer a duvet day over a brisk walk in the rain. But not you! So you cry and give Dad your saddest puppy look.. until he gives in. You are as happy as a hound can be and you warn Rebba, who is still not prepared to move one bit. She hides under her blanket and pretends not to be there. Until Dad is ready to go. Rebba does not want to be left behind, so she races to the hallway, lets us put on her leash and defies the bad weather.. I guess Inthe won the bet: Dad gave in..

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