Friday, November 18, 2011

Walk of shame pants

I started digging in my dressing because I was looking for my special Trinny & Susannah shapewear dress. I lost it some time ago and since it was pretty expensive, I really wanted to retrieve it.
Going through my things, I found a pair of walk of shame pants. I have no idea when or why I bought those. All I could say was: what was I thinking? Honestly... those pants were just so not done. I can't even imagine I even wore those. Maybe as sleepwear, but still..

I have big plastic bin bags sitting in a drawer. They store clothes that definitely need to go. The walk of shame pants might get a second life somewhere else. I can't bring them to the second hand shop, that is just too embarrassing. Maybe I should just rip them apart and use them as rags to wax the car with. If only I would wax my car..

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