Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Child Number Four

I was quite surprised, to hear about the expected little girl.. I had no idea you and your wife were looking into doing such a noble thing, as sponsoring a child in need. Goosebumps appeared all over my body.. What a wonderful gesture.. Your 3 other children are blessed to have you as their parents. A great family, full of love and friendship. And now, the 5 of you are ready to let this little girl come into your lives. Uganda is not exactly next door, but there will be several ways to keep in touch with little Cynthia. She just turned 4 and she would be a great playmate to your little girls. I'm sure your son would be very protective of her and he would show her off wherever he went. They will be so curious to hear all about her!!!

I'm touched, I really am. I already liked you but that respect has even grown bigger now. What a lucky girl Cynthia is, with her foster parents in Belgium...

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Stijn said...

Mercikes voor de blogpost :)
Ik had hem door tijdsgebrek zelfs al "gemist"