Monday, December 12, 2011

Falling in love

What a wonderful feeling, the butterflies chasing one another in your stomach. Not paying any attention to the teacher, you wonder about your crush and what you're going to tell him. A thousand different scenarios cross your mind. He doesn't know about you nor your love for him and you prefer to keep that a secret for just a little longer. Just because it's such a wonderful feeling you don't want to spoil the moment..

You scribble small notes, that you fold and fold until there's almost nothing left but a hard piece of paper. Holding it between thumb and index, trying to decide whether you would try to make the piece of paper reach its destination. You hesitate.. what if he doesn't fancy you? What if the love is not mutual? Your eyes make holes in the back of his head, while you try to imagine the different colors in his eyes. His right eye is slightly more brownish with some extra green speckles. The little hairs in the back of his neck are just asking to be touched. There's no way you would try to do that. He's sitting besides your best friend. She's smiling at him. The corners of your mouth point downwards and you wish she weren't blond and her legs wouldn't be gorgeous stilts. He touches her hand while he reaches over and hands her his pen and jealousy has never been stronger. You wish you were her. You wish you were the lucky one..

The little piece of paper finds another destination, deep down into your pocket. Next to the other pieces of paper you wrote earlier that week. No way you will ever let him know how you feel. By no means will you approach him and make a fool out of yourself!

"Would you like to share my snickers?" he whispers in your ear. You didn't hear him come over. Startled by the moment, you are afraid to look up at him. He hands you over half of his snickers and you're too afraid to eat them. You cherish the piece of candy bar, because you know it touched his mouth.. He walks back to his seat, wrenching his legs as his knees touch the desk. He looks over his shoulder while he winks at you. Rolling his eyes, he listens to his neighbor - your best friend - but he thinks about you.. The brownish-green speckled eyes are sparkling and there's a hint of love in them.

The bell rings. You shuffle over to his desk, drop the folded pieces of paper in his lap, straighten your shoulders and walk out the class room. Victory.. and it feels great!


Jangeox said...

prachtig !
dat het lukte, en hoe je 't schrijft :-)

Bittersweet said...

En hierbij roep ik december uit tot de maand van de liefde, ipv de maand van de zwarte dagen :)

Going back in time is altijd nostalgie hè Jantje..