Saturday, December 31, 2011

It's the end of the year and we know it

This it! 2011 is coming to an end. Fireworks will be making a hell of noise in a couple of hours time. People will be out on the streets, wishing others the best for 2012. By the time 00:00 appears on the clock, the mobile networks will shut down for a while, because they won't be able to cope with the numerous text messages. As usual, people will text their wishes to people they like. What is more unusual, is that all of a sudden, they have more friends than they knew. On New Year's Eve, the fine lines between friends and acquaintances fade away. People appear to be more happy and cheerful than they normally are.

I'm not a fan of December. I don't like Christmas and I don't like New Year's Eve. I wouldn't be sorry if December would fall off the calendar. Let's move on and forget about all the wishes and the good intentions. Nevertheless: I wish you all the best for 2012. Because that's what I'm supposed to say and that's what you expect to hear. I always wish you the best..


Jangeox said...

En toch wens ik je een fijn 2012. Nèh ! Ik wens je veel leute en plezier. En shop- en lunchdates natuurlijk :-)

Bittersweet said...

Of course Jantje