Friday, December 30, 2011


No, I'm definitely no homester... On the contrary, I love to go out and explore the world. I could stay home and tidy up the house, mob the floors and scrub the deck. There are always chores to be done and tasks to be accomplished. I find that very boring though... Those chores come back every week and I can't get any satisfaction from doing housework besides cooking. It seems so useless! It's great to come home in a clean house, I know, I'm a fan too! But how long does the satisfaction last?? Not long enough according to my point of view..

People often ask me: don't you ever get bored??? And to be honest? No, I don't... Really.. There are not enough hours in a day to have a good time. Maybe that's why I stay up late and wake up early? I don't know. I keep telling myself though, that I'll be more of a homester and a housewife the upcoming week, but the good intentions fade away pretty fast. That comes with some guilt, but it's stronger than myself. I know my flaws.. and I try to improve myself. I'll never be the perfect housewife, I realize that. It's not my goal in life either. I do what I do best. And I'm working on what I can do better...

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