Monday, December 19, 2011

Me gusta

I love food, I love to cook, I love to eat. Imagine my joy when I got this phone call last Friday. You won a cooking workshop for two in Brussels. Are you willing to come over here and help us cook a fantastic meal? Hello??? Of course I'll be there! So looking forward to that! There will be a crowd of approximately 10 people and we're going to cook a wonderful menu together. I'm so excited!!! Always ready to learn new things and have a good time in the kitchen. The recipes will definitely end up in my digital cook book. This is too awesome! Chef Philippe Leplae will be our host and I'm looking forward to learning new things. He's an excellent baker and I'm curious about his technical skills and experience.
Lana is willing to join me. I'm sure she will take superb pictures and she will enjoy a good night.

Thank you, Lekker van bij ons, for offering us this opportunity. What a great Christmas present!

Photo by Lana Joos

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