Thursday, December 1, 2011

Rosy cheeks

Saigon, the last weeks of the Vietnam war, April 1975. Gi Chris meets the 17 yo girl Kim in a nightclub. They fall in love with each other but it's not meant to last very long. While Kim is being left behind in Saigon without any message from Chris, he has left the city. 
Chris goes back to the US and marries Ellen, an all American girl. He never forgot about Kim, although he hadn't seen her for 3 years. Not knowing Kim gave birth to a baby boy, he builds a life with Ellen. Kim - living under Ho Chi Minh and leading a poor life - refuses the affection of Officer Thuy, to whom she was promised to by her parents, since her childhood.
Thuy can't cope with Kim's son Tam and he tries to kill her, ending up dead himself. When Chris finds out about Kim and their son Tam, he decides to go back and find both. 
He and his wife fly to Thailand, to see Tam. Kim doesn't know about Chris's new life in America.. 

For many years, our friends have been telling us about Miss Saigon. They promised us a very good story and a definitely-must-see-musical. I'm so happy they arranged tickets for us in Utrecht, Holland. I was all excited about this midweek away and the prospect of the musical. I'm a lucky girl..

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