Friday, December 23, 2011

Slave to love

It was really strange and I never found out who was the mysterious deliverer of the envelope..

My favorite place to go for a drink on a Friday night (my allowance wasn't large enough to go out on a Saturday as well), was a cosy pub just around the corner from where I lived. The manager was a great entertainer and he let me help in the pub in exchange for free drinks. It was a good deal for him, since I didn't drink much but I liked to hang out there and serve the other customers. That one particular night, there was a whole bunch of us, having a good time over a couple of drinks. The manager loved to sing a song every now and then. He was good at playing his guitar too (loved his pajamas blues), but that night, he sang Slave to love, by Bryan Ferry. We would all sing along and it was a great night.. I clapped my hands and thought it was a wonderful performance of a great song.

A few weeks later, there was an envelope in my mailbox. No electronic mailbox back then, just regular mail. It just read my name, no more. No stamp, no sender. I opened the envelope and was very surprised to see two tickets to the Bryan Ferry concert in Antwerp.. I was really amazed, since I had not expected this gift from anyone. It wasn't my birthday either and I had no special friend at the time. So strange, so unexpected. I had no idea..

I asked around in the pub. They all laughed and made fun of the mysterious gift. But no one stood up and claimed the deed. I didn't go the concert. It made me feel awkward. Until the day of today, I still don't know who bought those expensive tickets. And why two? I guess I'll never know..


nicole Waem said...

mooi verhaal Cathy, daar ik een groot fan ben van Brian Ferry, en net toen ik blog las, een cd van roxy music had opstaan, dacht ik dit is wel telepathie moet zeker even antwoorden. Manifesto staat aan hier bij mij. Wat jammer dat we niet samen met je vrij kaarten naar Brian Ferry zijn gaan kijken. Maar ik begrijp je wel hoor, zo maar clandestiene kaarten ontvangen, maar zou het niet van de zanger in je pub geweest zijn, je hebt misschien wat al te uitbundig staan aplaudiseren. Fijne dag nog en heel erg bedankt,, ik lees regelmatig je blog. Heel mooi, ik versta alles in het Engels maar kan het niet foutloos schrijven,, dus ik antwoord wel in het nederlands. Doeiiixxxxxxxxx Groetjes van Nicole en Valerietje.

Bittersweet said...

Super Nicole! Had geen idee dat je mee las :-) Geef Valerie en Dee een dikke knuf van me.