Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Tête à tête

When she told me she wanted to make dinner for her boyfriend, I thought that was a very lovely way of saying how much she loved him.. I can tell they are deeply in love, because it shows. He's a good boy and he treats her well. And by the look in her eyes I can tell she's happy..

She started her preparations early that afternoon. Making sure she had everything handy by the time she really needed to cook. Going through the cabinets, looking for the dishes she wanted the use, I felt pride and joy for my beautiful young daughter, who is growing into a wonderful young lady. He's a lucky man. He'd better take good care of her and love her with all his heart. My gut feeling says he does. I have never heard him speak poorly of her or see him mistreat her in some way. It's a blessing to see my little girl in love.. We granted them some private time to have their dinner. The candles were lit while I was upstairs, typing this blog and enjoying the clattering sound of their laughter. Being in love does things with people. I'm so happy for them..

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