Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Thank you

Thanks to all of you, our diabetes pubs have become a success. It's great to welcome you every month on our different locations. The subject of the night out is mostly some presentation on diabetes, but mainly we get together to meet up and have a good talk and laugh. It's a good way to meet other diabetics and strengthen the bonds. Some people come over without having met anybody else beforehand. And by the time they go home, they got acquainted with several others. That's what keeps us going, that's what gives us the energy to go on. I drive quite some miles to meet up with all of you, but it's worth every ride. I know many of you can't make it to the pubs and I wish it were different, but maybe one day, there will be a diabetes pub in your area too. Then it will be up to you to gather some people around you and keep up the good work. Together we're strong.

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