Monday, January 9, 2012

How do di do?

So many times, we ask people: "how do you do?".
This is not America. Over here, you're supposed to answer the question. A simple: "fine, thank you" is not always sufficient. But sometimes it's all the other person wants to hear. Do people always want to hear how you are really doing? Do they want to know things are not that fine? Maybe not. But then why bother asking? People are not always interested in your well being. They are just trying to be polite and friendly, by asking how you are doing. It's not always that obvious to tell the other person what's bugging you. Maybe it's not even the best choice to pick just anyone to confide in. How about you really select someone to talk to? Someone you feel comfortable with, someone who knows you better than anyone else? Someone who's up to your stories and won't withdraw after two sentences? It's not always easy to find someone, I realize that, but telling the whole world about your misery is maybe not the best solution. Your cry for help is being heard, but not by the right people. This is just too much.. I know a very big part of your life is not the best life, but there must be some joy, even for you. Try to hold on to that joy, so your mood gets better. It's not that pleasant to talk to someone who keeps treading that same old mill, over and over again. There's more to life, no matter how hard life has been on you. I hope, that one day, you will be able to say: "fine, thank you" when people ask you how you are doing..

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