Friday, January 13, 2012

Just like in the commercial

Aren't we all susceptible to commercials and what they represent? Small children choose their cereal because it comes with a free toy they want to have. Can you honestly state that you have never bought some article because you liked the commercial so much? Sometimes we dislike a commercial and it keeps us from buying the product just because it's so annoying. I must say that some commercials are really funny and although I don't always remember the brand it stands for, the ad stays with me for quite some time.

When I got to see this video on Dyson, it really made me smile. I thought it was hilarious and the person who came up with the idea, is probably a very funny guy! I don't need a new hoover and it won't make me buy Dyson, but I know this commercial will be watched several times by millions of people. It's already a hit on the internet.


Jangeox said...

geweldig !!

Upje said...


Stijn said...

dit is in ieder geval een leukere spot dan hun originele :)