Thursday, January 12, 2012

Telling tales

When the girls were little, I used to keep diaries and scrapbooks on their adventures. They love it when we tell them about their childhood. They have tons of pictures and there are plenty of stories to read. They get to keep their scrapbooks in their room and I'm sure they have read them over and over again. Some stories are being told all the time. Maybe it's time to dig up the scrapbooks and have another peek in them. I'm sure I have forgotten many stories, but it will all come back to me once I see the pictures. We have lived in several houses over the years and they all have their own tales. I remember Lana coming down the stairs - at the age of just 2 years old - holding her newborn sister Eva in her arms. It made my heart stop for a moment, but she was real careful. I didn't like the sight of socks on that slippery stairway, so I asked her in a calm voice to sit down  and to hold on tight to her little sister. That's exactly what she did. The story has been told numerous times since.
There are several video tapes on the girls as well. Birthday parties, footage of ordinary days, days out at the zoo or the amusement park. We no longer make any video tapes any more, since our last camera broke down. But the girls make plenty of pictures themselves nowadays. All of their pictures come with stories too. I hope they will remember them, since they don't write them down.
I have no more than 1 photo album of my childhood and no stories to go with it. So I need to rely on my own memory. Going back to my teens isn't that hard, but the years prior to that, are tough. I like stories and tales. That's why I write them down.. just in case I forget one day...

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