Thursday, January 19, 2012

Pop the question

Late the other night, I got a very strange text message on my cell phone. It said: "Are you interested in a date? I offer you 500 euros. Greetings, Pascal." Apart from the fact that I had no idea who this P. person might be, this text message was beyond proper behavior. I was appalled by the message and the person who sent it. Not knowing where it came from or where he got my number, it freaked me out. What a stupid thing to do! Where do people get the nerve to assume that you are waiting for text messages of this order? I was not happy at all. Not one time did it cross my mind to accept this offer. It was disrespectful and way out of line. The person who sent me the message, had no problem leaving his number behind. I could call him and let him know I was not flattered by this text. I didn't. Because it wasn't worth the effort. But yes, it freaked me out. He didn't mention my name in his message, so I assume he randomly chooses cell phone numbers to forward these messages to. What a sick mind.. I don't mind people popping questions, not at all. On the contrary: I love to answer questions. But this is not one of the questions I had in mind..

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