Sunday, January 15, 2012

Working out

Just a bit too much fat around the belly and the shoulders a bit too broad. That's what the holidays did to you. You're not supposed to look like this. Your nature is to be lean and skinny. We want you to be healthy and look your best. So hubby decided to give you an extra work out every day. He already takes you and your friend Rebba for long walks, but obviously that won't cut the deal for you. Rebba is ship shape, but you're a bit too heavy now..

It's not that you're lazy or so. You really look forward to the outdoor games. Hubby lets you race around the backyard, chasing your ball. You are so fast and it's amazing how well you jump and get that ball. After play, you come inside and although your condition is pretty good, your heart pounds dramatically and your tongue is ready to lick the saliva dripping on the floor. You recover fast and then you drop your ball in our lap, to make clear that you're ready for some more fun. I have no idea why you put on that extra weight, but still, we cut back on your diet again. You are being fed twice a day and the food you get is already diet food. We do have a small suspicion though, that you may eat the food of your friend as well. She doesn't eat that much and she could care less if you would eat hers. She definitely won't fight over it.

Let's hope working out will do you good. Hope to see you in better shape soon.

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