Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Yo hablo español

Was I 14 or maybe even 16 at the time, I don't recall the exact age. I know that I took Spanish classes for a couple of months or maybe a year. It was a great way to get out of the house and have a good time with friends. The classes were at night. I don't even remember where the classes were, but that's not important. The thing was: I loved the words, the pronunciation, the way the teacher taught us about the Spanish culture. I don't recall much from my Spanish classes, but some phrases keep coming back.

You are being given the opportunity to learn Spanish in between classes in school. I'm so happy you decided to sign up. Languages are important and they help you understand other cultures and customs. I hope your teacher will be enthusiastic to make the classes worth following. It will be a good preparation for you to go abroad. Because that's what you want to do next year. You applied for a student exchange program. Spain, Italy, Luxembourg. There was a motivation letter that gave me goose bumps. We keep our fingers crossed for you, so your application will be accepted. It's keeping them long to decide. It would be a wonderful experience for you to fly out and discover a totally new country. A chance to be more independent - although you're already doing real well - and indulge yourself in a different world. Good luck sweetie. You'll get there.

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