Monday, January 23, 2012

E quella notte mi sono resa conto che vi voglio bene

That night I realized that I loved you..

At times, we don't always realize how lucky we are to be able to love and be loved. There's love at first sight, the love of your life, love for a friend, deep love that hurts when you think of it, the love for your children, the love for life, unexpected love, butterfly love, ... so many forms of love but beautiful nevertheless. Do you ever mesmerize over the different kinds of love in your life? Do you tell your loved ones that you care for them? Not the daily "I love you", that's not what I mean. But that one special "I love you", that warms your heart whenever you hear it out of the mouth of someone you truly love. Those are the love you lines that stay with you and keep you warm..
Valentines Day is coming up soon. A day to celebrate the different loved ones in our life. It's not always about your beloved partner. I like to tell my friends too. Because them too, they matter. Being surrounded by special loved ones, is a wonderful feeling we should cherish..

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