Thursday, February 2, 2012

And then the light went out..

I have no idea where the palpitations came from, but I could feel my heart beat go in overdrive. I felt sick to my stomach and my skin must have lost all color. I could see my friend but I couldn't hear her. I tried to get my glucometer out of my purse, but I couldn't hold the test strip. I would not even have known how to poke my fingers or read the result..
She told me to sit down on the floor and that's exactly where I ended up. Two pouches of pure glucose found their way to my mouth and my friend was so helpful to help me indulge the sugar. I was hot, too hot although I was freezing my bum off prior to this event. She told me to remain seated but I only wanted to get up. I felt ashamed. She said it was okay, nothing to be ashamed of. I hugged her for helping me out and I thanked the bystanders for their intervention. Not that I was aware of what they had done. All I knew, was that my friend was there to help me out. She knew where to find my pouches of glucose and she remained calm but very persistent in making me sit down and suck up the sweetness of the hypofit.
It was the first time I experienced a diabetic low of this caliber. Not very pleasant. Losing control is awful. My BG skyrocketed after this episode, but insulin made it come back down right to where it belonged.

My friend was supposed to drive home with her husband and daughter, but not one of them agreed to let me drive home from Brussels all by myself. So my friend joined me, to make sure I was okay (I had another - but smaller - episode that same night). She offered to drive my car, but I was okay. I was back in control, just the way I like it. There were more pouches of hypofit in my car, for emergencies. I was glad I got home in one piece. And once again: friendship is so important. As telling your friends what diabetes is about and how emergencies need to be treated. My friend was very chill about this situation and she has no clue how much that meant to me. Thank you...


Upje said...

Maar schatteken toch ... (((((hug))))

Anonymous said...

Brussel heeft indruk gemaakt op jou? En jij op Brussel?