Wednesday, February 1, 2012

A last minute call

Coming down from a good night's rest, I found the inbox of my cell phone to be full with text messages. There was one missed call as well, but I wanted to read your text before I called you back. You had an invitation for me. If I wanted to join you, your husband and your daughter to go see UB40 in Brussels. Of course! What did you think???? I opened my notebook, to make sure I had no other appointments scheduled the day of the concert. So I asked you when you wanted to go? A clatter of laughter filled the house, when you told me it were that very same evening. Euuhh.. okay.. no problem. That was a bit sudden and very last minute. But I instantly got happy and flattered that you had asked me to join you. Right away, a few UB40 titles popped up in my mind. Red red wine, There's a rat in my kitchen, Sing our own song.. Just a few of many wonderful songs from my youth. I loved UB40 and reggae music. So yes, this was a wonderful surprise. You're a delight.

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