Sunday, February 19, 2012

Granny panties

He had three watches on one wrist and two on the other. Tears rolled down his cheeks, telling jokes.
She wore huge white granny panties, made of ribbed cotton. Tears were rolling down her cheeks as well, listening to his jokes. They were a great couple. They had the best fun.

A bag of white and pink marshmallows was never far off. Because she loved marshmallows.. She couldn't eat them, since she had diabetes and back in those days, you were not allowed to have sweets. She didn't care. She had them anyway. She didn't know any better, I guess. Who are we to judge? Back in those days, diabetes treatment was not what it is nowadays. My grandmother had no glucometer. She had urine sticks she could pee on, but they were not very accurate. They gave you an idea of what your blood glucose was like. That's all those sticks did. They didn't tell anyone how to adjust their insulin. There was no warning that came along with the sticks, telling you that marshmallows were not the best choice for you.

You liked to live. You liked to laugh and enjoy life with my grandpa. You died way too young. Diabetes complications, they said. Nobody ever told me what those complications were. What you actually died from. I do remember that we had to miss you way too soon. Grandpa didn't cope well with your passing. He was heart broken and full of grief. All he wanted was to be with you. Not too long after you passed, he joined you. At least, the two of you were together again..

I don't have many memories of you. But I do remember your laughter and the huge panties. They were so, well, so ugly. You wet your panties quite often, laughing out loud with grandpa's jokes.

I'm taking good care of myself. Trying to keep my blood glucose within range. Having you in mind, I'm trying my best to keep the complications out of my life and so far that has worked well. I just wanted you to know that...

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