Monday, February 20, 2012

Mr Cab Driver

What a jerk..

We drove all the way to Antwerp to have dinner at El Warda, a wonderful Moroccan restaurant. The weather was absolutely crappy. I assume all the rain in Belgium was coming down in Antwerp that night..
Dinner was delicious, although my blood glucose wasn't in the same range by far. Numbers like 380 and 408 are not exactly hopeful, are they? Anyway, I had parked my car in a nearby Q-Parking, just one kilometer from the restaurant. Being dressed up and wearing my highest heels ever, I was not looking forward to walking to El Warda. So we took a cab. The cab driver was too interested to know where we came from. Hearing that we were not locals and that we had no idea where the restaurant was located, she took us on a little tour around the area.. That should have rung a bell..

The owner of the restaurant called a cab for us to go fetch the car, since the weather had only gone worse. We rushed to cross the street, hopped into the cab and asked the cab driver to take us to Berchem Railway Station. He turned around, gave us his most nasty look and shouted: are you making fun of me??? We were gobsmacked.. eeeuuugghh??? Excuse me??? Why would we make fun of you?? He was in rage and he had no intentions to take us to our destination, since he was not going to make any money. Oh common please! Had he not seen the weather out there??

With a blood glucose of 408, wearing no more than a sleaveless dress and a light leather jacket (I already mentioned my highest heels), we walked all the way back to the Railway Station. I was truly pissed off.. I felt like a kitten thrown out with the trash.. I was cold and soaking wet and I felt like I had eaten a bag of cotton balls..
I would love to go back to El Warda - despite the high BG - but it will be on a sunny day..

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