Wednesday, February 29, 2012

I struggle to understand

It was nice to shake hands and be welcomed into your office. You were friendly and we had some small talk before I popped my question. You were happy with my HbA1C, that has been lower than 7% for the last 1.5 year. I'm happy with my number too, but I worry about the standard deviation. Having a blood glucose of 45 and one of 450 in one day, is not exactly motivating. It wears you out and you feel like crap. The problem is: I have too many fluctuations in my blood glucose. There's this one book I like to follow, when it comes to diabetes treatment and that is Pumping Insulin. A standard deviation of 50 or lower, helps you prevent complications in later life. Think kidney failure, blindness, amputations of limbs. I'm an optimist, I really am, but when it comes to complications, I'd rather prevent than treat them.

You understood my question about CGM. I told you about my black out in the beginning of February. Yes, I know that is not hypo unawareness. And no, I'm not pregnant. Because those reasons are more or less acceptable if you want to apply for CGM. I do have several low blood glucose numbers a day and sometimes I don't sense them, ending up in trouble. CGM would help me prevent that. You get warned that your blood glucose is dropping rapidly or getting way out of line.

You said you wanted to discuss my application with your colleagues. That's a good idea, I assume. We'll have another get together in April. In the meantime, I'll poke my fingers 10 times a day, like so many of my friends do..

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