Tuesday, February 14, 2012

The light of my life

That's what you used to call me, many years ago: the light of your life..
We're not the most romantic couple ever. We're not good with candle light dinners, little scribbles on scrap paper or red rose petals on the bed. That's just not who we are as a couple. We don't watch the stars, laying on our back in the grass at night. We don't clasp hands to stroll down the beach. No memorable love texting on our cell phone. I never sit on your lap nor do you carry me up the stairs. You don't come home early from work because you missed me and I don't turn the car after I left to come back home and give you another cuddle..

Did we ever have that romance in our relationship? Not that I recall.. I guess both of us are too sober to do so. It doesn't mean we love each other less than the more romantic couples. We just express things in a different way. Subtle hints are not easy for you to comprehend. You like things to be said out loud and clear. And what do I like? I don't know.. Would I like a bit more romance in our marriage? I don't know.. Because we're not used to it. It would be kinda awkward if all of a sudden you would lay your hand on my back to let me enter the restaurant first. It would be weird if you would order dinner for me instead of me picking out your favorite meal. Would I be surprised if you would bring me my Latte Macchiato with two sweeteners and plenty of milk froth? Absolutely.. Would we enjoy breakfast in bed on a lazy Sunday morning..?

People who say Valentine's Day is just another way of merchandising, are probably right. It's not about February 14th. Loving is so much more than this one particular day. Love is less about having sex seven times a week. Love is not about expensive gifts. Love is more about bringing a smile on each other's faces for no reason at all. And love is more about letting your partner know you're still madly in love with little affectionate gestures..

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