Saturday, February 4, 2012

Smiling like an idiot

You probably have these moments too? Moments that are just so ridiculous that you can't do but laugh at yourself for what you've done or said?

I like to laugh and quite often, I smile like an idiot because of my very own stupidities. Awkward situations, for example. There are plenty of occasions where I made a complete fool out of myself. Falling down on my knees in the middle of a crowded street for instance. Those are painful moments, but at the same time hilarious, because I don't take myself that seriously.
I like to sing in my car or give comments on other drivers. I'm sure it's a weird sight for others to see me babble to myself.

Don't be that serious. Dare to laugh, dare to look at yourself and find the fun within your personality. Have a good laugh over you and share it with your friends. No big deal. Just a funny situation.

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