Sunday, February 5, 2012


Photo by Lana Joos
Unheard off! Driving my car on the slippery roads at night, the outside thermometer read -17°C. MINUS that is! I have never heard of temperatures this low in our country... Cheese and rice, I mean.. come on? Is this Antarctica? I thought winter was not going to happen this year, since January was a very mild month. But February made up for that. The difference is just so enormous! We don't know how to keep ourselves warm, since the central heating and the gas fireplace don't do the trick. Warm socks, woolen sweaters and waterproof gloves are still not enough to go outside for a walk. The dogs are longing for some outside play, but the salt on the pavements hurts their feet. I really don't want them to have frostbite. So they stay inside and admire the white carpet from behind the glass windows. Inthe is sad... she wants to play catch.. So she weeps and gives us the saddest look ever...

I hate cold weather. I hate snow and I definitely hate ice. But I must admit, that the scenery is breathtaking. I was visiting someone who was staying in a wonderful house in the fields, far away from any nearby neighbors. I pulled up a parking lot, to enjoy the scenery and the serene landscape. And I realize how lucky we are to be living in a country where we still have seasons. I was impressed by the beauty of pristine snowy fields and the silence of a country covered in snow..

Coming home to a bowl of home made pumpkin ravioli, served with strips of raw ham and a bit of sage butter, warmed my hands and my tummy. Let's pull up a fleece blanket, hop on the couch and let the whippets warm my feet. I'm no longer that opposed to freezing temperatures, because I know my heart is warm and filled with love.

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