Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Cucina principessa

That's what you call me... cucina principessa..

I love to spend time in my kitchen. Whenever the smell of food mounts its way to your floor, you rush down the stairs to see what's cooking. You love to eat and it's wonderful to see you enjoy a good plate of home made food. Your sister has this special sense for recognizing herbs and spices. As soon as she opens the front door, she can tell what I'm cooking or what ingredients I'm using. I find that very interesting and it keeps amazing me. I'm glad both of you are interested in cooking and food and both you girls know how to cook simple but tasty meals.

We have been away for 3 days and you girls were home alone. No parents, no dogs, just the two of you. And you did well, cooking your own meals and washing up afterwards. I'm proud of my ladies.

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