Thursday, March 22, 2012

Bad timing

Okay, I confess: low blood glucose never comes in handy. In fact, low blood glucose sucks. Big time. Especially if that low is dangerously low. Numbers like 32 or even 24 mg/dl. Those are the lows you'd really rather not have. If the number is still higher than 50, to me that hypo is solved easily and the symptoms aren't that bad. Below 40, things become a bit trickier. My mind definitely lacks sugar at that time, resulting in poor thinking and not being aware of what's going on. You walk around like a zombie, not knowing how to solve that low, although there's a small can of regular soda in your purse and a candy roll - sitting in your pocket - is poking your thigh. It's probably not a good idea to enter that boutique and gather some blouses and shirts, before you take them to the check register. The cashier is friendly and asks you if you were able to find everything alright. You nod, but you have no idea what she's talking about. Using your credit card is no issue, but it's a shame you don't notice the bill is not correct. Those blouses were on sale.. the cashier forgot to deduct the discount. That's when the other comes in handy. To point out the mistake and feed you some sugar. To let you know you will be okay. To help you come out of that terrible low.. and keep your finances well balanced.

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