Friday, March 30, 2012

How long

Do you have activities planned you are looking so forward to, that you can't wait for them to happen?

When the children were younger, they would sit in the back of the car, asking how much longer it would take to get wherever we were headed to. Not being able to read the clock or estimating distances, must be hard. Being an adult, we know about time and distances. Does that make the longing go away easier? What have you been longing for lately? Anything in particular? An event? A meeting? A special day coming up? Are there appointments you are so looking forward to, that it makes the days go by way too slow? Wishing you could wipe out a week or two, so the longing wouldn't be that difficult?

I'm not a dreamer. I don't dream about the future or things that might happen. I live in the moment and enjoy the day as it comes. But sometimes I do wish time would go a bit faster. Sometimes I wish I were somewhere else..

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