Saturday, March 17, 2012


I have this gut feeling that Spring is starting to show its true colors. The day our chickens laid their first perfect egg of the year, brought me joy and happiness. It was smaller than the eggs they normally lay, but nevertheless, it was tasty and fresh. Daffodils are sprouting from the soil that is being warmed up by weak sunbeams. Little birds are twittering (or should I say tweeting to be hip?) their songs early in the morning, hesitant but still noticeable. That is, if you are willing to listen to them. I love this time of the year. Leaving the dark winter days behind, we can look forward to new life being born. We desperately need more sunlight. Vitamin D is so important for our well being. Our innerself needs this boost to keep going. We lack so much sun in our country, that our oldest daughter keeps saying she will move abroad.

I'm on the look out for Mary and her little lamb. I love Spring. Everything is so new and fresh and hopeful. The sun will brighten our mood and warm our hearts. You're more than welcome, my most favorite season of all.

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