Friday, April 27, 2012

Dish of the day

Or should I say: dishes of the day?

Am I a foodie? I know I love to talk about food and I love to eat. Baking and cooking is no ordeal for me and grocery shopping is so relaxing. Making monthly menus is exciting, since I don't want to eat the same breakfast/lunch/dinner in one month. It's a challenge to come up with new recipes and to satisfy the crowd. There aren't many days where I don't prepare several dishes. Most of the time, my food is different from the meals I serve my family. I don't eat much meat, but I do eat my greens. The wok is never far away and my grill pan is showing some wear and tear. I try to consult my family when it comes to dinner plans. What would they like to eat? Most of the time, they say: whatever you feel like cooking... DUH! wrong answer... if that's what they want, they will have to eat loads of veggies, no meat, quinoa or couscous. Not exactly their cup of tea. So they'd better speak up and tell me what they want. To me, it doesn't matter what they want me to cook. As long as they enjoy their plate.
I understand my meals are not that common. They are not the usual dish of the day you would find in a diner. I like to be challenged though. I'm not a banger and applesauce kind of person. Too boring for me. I don't mind cooking it for others, if they will let me eat my own dishes. Talking to my friends and sisters-in-law, I understand that them too prefer my way of eating. More and more people try to change their eating habits. Who says the only way of eating consists of potatoes, meat and veggies? Why do we need bread in our diet? There are so many other products to enjoy. And... naaaah... I get it. Let's stop talking about food. I'm getting hungry here. Let's check that fridge and see what kind of fruit salad I could make.

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