Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Don't take your health for granted

Whoever says diabetes is not a big deal, has no idea what he's talking about. It's not just shooting up insulin or taking tablets. It's a whole lot more than that.
Whoever doesn't have a chronic disease, has no idea what it's like, to have the sword of Damocles hanging over your head. It's a bigger deal than they will ever know.
If you're not familiar with poor health, you have no idea how grateful you should be. In this world of luxury and wealth, anything is for sale. Except for health.. Doesn't matter how much money you earn. If you have a chronic disease that keeps you from leading a "normal" life, you would do anything to get help and make the disease go away.. But that's not how it works. You know the meaning of the word "chronic". It means "for life". It means, it won't go away, ever. In that thought, a couple of my friends decided to have a medical tattoo imprinted on their body, stating they have type 1 diabetes. One of them had his tattoo just yesterday. I'm so curious to see the outcome! This kind of tattoo is different from other tattoos. I'm sure those have a meaning too, but a tattoo out of a medical point of view, is just different.

Nearly two weeks ago, I saw a talk show on a cure for diabetes. This Dutch scientist has been working on a solution for over 30 years. He's getting there. He's convinced the solution will be found within a couple of years. Then what? Will this chronic disease no longer be "forever"? What about the tattoo after the cure has been found?

I do believe a cure will be found, one day. Maybe we'll be healed, maybe we won't. But deep down in my heart, I will always remain a diabetic. It has made me who I am nowadays. A large part of my friends are diabetics as well. I cherish them. All of them. With or without tattoo..


Jangeox said...

Ik heb me die vraag ook gesteld natuurlijk. Maar als de ziekte ooit genezen kan worden zal mijn tattoo nog steeds kloppen. Type 1 Diabetic staat er op en dat blijf ik. Het heeft mijn manier van leven en mijn kijk op het leven veranderd. En dat is wel voor altijd.

Bittersweet said...

Zo zie ik het ook Jan

samantha said...

Zo dacht ik er ook over jan, het is zo een lang een deel van ons leven geweest, dat het ook altijd een deel van ons zal blijven, mét of zonder genezing..