Monday, April 9, 2012

I wanna be a billionaire

What would you do if you came home to a house that was scattered with dollars? Would you stay calm as a cucumber or would you freak out and walk on the ceiling with joy?

It's a saying we often hear: if only I were a billionaire.. But would life be so different if you had that kind of money? Would you be happier? It would sure make some things easier. I mean, if you wouldn't have to worry about bills getting paid in time or if money would not be an issue in picking your next summer holiday. But would it really make your life easier? On the contrary I would think.. How would you cope with all those people on your doorstep, begging for a piece of the pie? Would you be able to resist them or would you give each one of them a gewgaw just to satisfy their needs? What if someone would ask you to pay for the medication of a severely sick child? Would your heart open up for these people? Would you refuse money to an addict who lost all of his possessions because of his addiction?

Maybe we should all be happier with less. They say less is more. More wealth, in a different manner. Money matters. As long as it doesn't get more important than happiness..

FYI: no, this is not my house.


Jangeox said...

Bij jou is veel netter hé. Daar ligt het op stapeltjes :-)

Bittersweet said...