Tuesday, April 24, 2012

For free!

I bet that title drew your attention. Most people turn their heads when they hear something's for free. But how about giving something for free instead of receiving free items? Would you consider that as an option? Or do you refuse in advance?

I have worked as a volunteer for some time. It's a bit different from working on the payroll. The feeling is different and so is the pay cheque of course. I know not everyone is in the situation to be able to work as a volunteer. I have been given those chances and I'm glad I got to choose. Working as a volunteer is so fulfilling. My job as a fulltime assistant in our local nursing home, was something I really liked to do. The residents were so grateful for your free time. And to me, it didn't feel like work, because the contents of my job was different all the time.

But sometimes, working as a volunteer has to come to an end. Sometimes it's necessary to get paid for what you do. That's something I'm working on. Of course it feels good if you get money for what you do. Although I would do the exact same job if I weren't paid. It's so hard to set boundaries when to work as a volunteer and when a job has to be paid. But I guess it's time to move on and get a paid job for a change. I guess I've done my share. Now it's time to make some money again..  To be continued.

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