Monday, April 23, 2012

Those were the days my friend..

My BlackBerry, notebook, iPad, GPS system, even my insulin pump. I wouldn't know what I would do without these devices. Using them on a daily basis, I wonder how I got around without. Okay, making phone calls with a regular phone instead of a smartphone worked as well. But there was no memory to hold your recipes, contacts, address book, grocery lists. It was different, because you couldn't drag your house phone along. But then again, you didn't get phone calls at the most random hours either. There were moments you never got bothered by text messages, because nobody had ever heard of text messages. Anyway, I never leave the house without my cell phone.
The notebook is something else. It's dated and I'm looking forward to buying a newer version. It's getting slower by the day and it refuses to perform every now and then. Notebooks are expensive though and I would like my MacBook to be replaced by another one. So I will need to save money (darn.... I suck at saving money...) if I want to achieve this goal. I might have found a way though. We'll try to hang on and see if it will work.
Then there's the iPad 2. I was not really interested in getting one. But I got an offer I couldn't refuse, so two iPads found their way around this household. It's awesome to be able to go online whenever you feel like it. No boundaries, no limits. Love it. No more reading the same magazines in the waiting room of the doctor's office. Because there's always an e-book waiting for me on the iPad. I can blog on the road, check my recipes, contact my online friends. My calendar stays up to date and it's easy to write down notes on the job. It's always in my handbag for unforeseen spare moments.
My GPS was cheap but it comes in handy all the time. I use it very often, probably at least every 2 days. It's always on the window screen and it brings me all around the country. Most of the time, I don't have a clue where I am, since the GPS shows me the way. By no means can I read a map. I would be really lost - literally - without my GPS.
My insulin pump is the one device I could never ever give up on. It keeps me alive and to me it's no luxury item. It's a necessity. I would not like to go back to the time where I used insulin pens. It was good back then, but once you're used to a pump.. Some people see it as a disadvantage to be hooked up to a device 24/7. To me, it's an advantage. Can't forget your pump.. It's always there, just like your pancreas. Your pancreas doesn't need batteries like ours, but then again, you have no skin covers for yours... How about that????

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