Tuesday, April 3, 2012

I'm stronger than yesterday

When you told me your loneliness is no longer killing you, it made me happy instantly. Hearing that you are much stronger than yesterday, is such a reward. You are a wonderful person. Where have you been hiding all that time? There was no need for you to be shy or timid. Not that something's wrong with being shy or timid, but if it was affecting you, things needed to be changed for the better.

You said you weren't that outgoing. Not much of a talker. You have proven otherwise. There are so many subjects you can talk about. And you're easy to listen to. The calm of your voice relaxes me. You are interesting and I love to discuss all kinds of subjects with you. Although you are much younger than me, we relate well and whenever we go out for lunch or a shopping spree, we have a ball. You make me laugh and your youth and enthusiasm is affecting me. It's good to have a pal like you. We could talk for hours without getting bored. I love to hear stories about your school mates and your family. Talking about the past and how diabetes affected your childhood, sometimes worries me. But you're getting there. Things are going so much better now. And there's nobody else to reward but you. You have opened up to the people around you. Not just to me, but you have made other friends as well.

Let's explore those shops today and have more Latte and fun. I'm in for a good time. Are you?

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