Tuesday, April 17, 2012

It was interesting to say the least

I did it!! I'm so proud of me! My friend took another friend and myself geocaching in Vlaams-Brabant. He had organized this game for us and his enthusiasm was so catching we couldn't stay behind. My other friend was even more eager to find out about this game, so he tried out some geocaching on his own in the days prior to D-day. Leaving me behind as the only geocaching-virgin..
I didn't mind though. I knew I was in good hands and we had 3 GPS's handy, so I was sure we were not going to get lost.

It was freezing cold and the wind was torturing our heads and hands. For once, I had traded my high heels for more comfortable ankle boots. That was definitely a very good idea. The narrow paths weren't that muddy, but absolutely not convenient if you were wearing your best high heels. I don't get the coordinate thing at all. It's too mathematical for me, so I leave that up to the boys. But I did enjoy the walk and the game and the treasure hunting. Okay, I didn't find any treasure myself, but at least I helped looking for it. I had no idea how many attributes you need when you are geocaching. Must haves: a torch, to take good peeks inside dead trees ; a mirror, to see the small sign underneath the railing of a rusty bridge ; a good camera, in case you want to take a picture of the hints instead of writing them down ; drinks and food - you never know how long the walk will take and you do not want to run out of water or food. You need extra glucose strips and glucose tablets too. That is, if you're a diabetic of course. Haha! it would be a bit silly to carry those around and not be a diabetic. The three of us were amongst the lucky bastards to have picked the winning lottery ticket saying: you have diabetes. There was no need to worry about holding up others because your blood sugar is low. It didn't matter if you had cookies while the others were not ready to snack yet. The empty containers of our glucose strips make the perfect box to hide little treasures or hints in for future geocaching.

My whippet girls enjoyed the afternoon just like we did. They had a great time, running around the fields and the narrow paths. Trying to avoid close contact with mules and woolly lambs, I let them run free whenever I got the chance. I would definitely love to take them along next time. Yes, you heard me all right: next time. That means that I really enjoyed it. I'm looking forward to the serial. That is if you will have me.

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