Saturday, April 14, 2012

Mystic Mojos

Mystic Mojos
A group of 5 young men come together to play their music and have a good time. A mix of retro rock and blues is what makes their hearts tick. Their enthusiasm is catching. Their music wants to make you wiggle your hips. The first demo is ready. It holds 4 terrific songs. My heart goes out to Harder to find. You close the curtains to my soul, you fill my holes, you clean my soul, you make me better than you.. you make me harder to find. I close my eyes and the lyrics stay put in my head. The heart follows the beat and I mimic along to the rhythm. The joy of listening to the harmonica, played by the singer, brings a smile on my face. These guys rock! Everybody's stranger is worth listening to as well. The band may be local, but their music is worldly. They perform on a regular basis and more fans are following their agenda.
I used to go out in this pub - at the age of 18 - where this kind of music was highly appreciated. I'm sure the owner would have invited this band multiple times and the crowd would have gone wild. I would have found my spot on the barstool and my fingers would have tapped along. Easy strolling' huh?
Small detail: the handsome singer of the Mystic Mojos joins us for dinner every now and then. Our oldest daughter fell in love with him (how could she not?) and they have been a couple for over a year now. It's a gift if you're talented enough to entertain others. Music is a great way to express yourself. I ordered myself a couple of demos. Guess what CD will be on in my car for the next couple of weeks? Exactly! Don't forget to order your copy! Send your order and he'll get back to you. Like their page on Facebook. And in the mean time? Keep rockin'!

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