Friday, April 13, 2012

I toy with the idea

My friend asked me if I wanted to join her to the tattoo shop. She was going to get her second tattoo. A small black and white retro ribbon between her shoulder blades. She was a bit anxious and I had nothing scheduled that afternoon, so yes, I joined her. The girls warned me not to even think about getting one myself. As if!

I was nervous for her.. She was a bit giggly at first, but as soon as the tattoo guy displayed the design he had in mind for her, she relaxed and took a seat, cowgirl style. He needed to work on her back and it's easier if you sit than lay down. I loved the design. He asked if she wouldn't consider a red ribbon, but no, she preferred the colors she had in mind. Along the progress of the art work, we discussed other people's ideas on tattoos. I must admit, I had toyed with the idea of getting a small one myself. So I interrupted Mr Jumpneedle and asked him how long it would take him to sketch me a small design. My friend looked at me like: WTF? Just askin', just askin', I signed. He wanted to finish her ribbon first, but soon after that, he drew me what I had asked for. Well it wasn't really a drawing. It was just the short for Type 1 diabetes: T1. That's exactly what I wanted. And I had already thought about the spot where I wanted him to print it. In the groin, on the right side. He told me that was a fragile spot and it might hurt more than on my arm or back. But no, I didn't want to show the whole world, so I wanted a private spot to have my very own T1 tattoo. He informed me that it wouldn't take more than 20 min to get it, if I wanted it. And he had no more scheduled appointments that day. So if I was willing..?

I'm happy with the result. It's small. It's meaningfull (that is to me and that's all that matters). Italic font. Black. No fuss, actually very sèc. It stings a bit and it shows some redness. But I hear that won't last long. I have to use antibiotic cream for a couple of days and it may itch for a whole week, but by then, the healing process should be starting. Wow.. I never thought I would really go through with this.. Thanks to my friend.. Darn..


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