Sunday, April 8, 2012

Spring clean

I have this urge to clean house.. Unbelievable and so not me, I admit. But still, my kitchen cabinets could use some soapy water and I want to sort out the inventory of the cupboards. Cabinet by cabinet, I empty the contents and wash down the shelves. Some cabinets take more time than others, depending on what's in them. The one with the cook books is a total disaster. I pick up my books, go through them, sit down and start wandering off.. I loose track of time and the soap water is cold where it used to be hot when I started the chore. The oven is preheating and chocolate chip cookies find their spot on the baking tray. The house smells of vanilla and toasted nuts and chocolate and my mind is drifting off.. The house will get cleaned, I promise. My head needs to be dusted out as well.. Let's see what my priority is..

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