Thursday, May 3, 2012

Going into snuggle mode

Photo by Lana Joos
   Whippies are so gentle, so loving, so caring and so cocky at the same time. Even if you fear dogs, you just can't be scared by whippets.. They are different, no other breed is similar to that of sighthounds. What truly startles me, is how they can scent one's emotion. Whether it is Arthur the tomcat - who is far by nice for the whippet girls - or one of the children, they know if you are not feeling your best. Right away, they rush over to comfort you and give you a cuddle. It's so heartwarming to see Rebba lick Inthes fur when she comes back inside from some playtime in the rain. Inthe holds real still, while Rebbas tongue licks her whole body like it were a shammy.

Inthe has this lump on her hind leg. It appears to be a bursa pleurisy. She probably got it from roughhousing or bumping into something. The lump is filled with water and blood and a teeny bit of bacteria. So she needs antibiotic and pain relief and some inflammatory. She's being a real good girl at taking her meds and Rebba is a little mommy looking after her. It's as if she knows something is not right. I love them so deeply. I can tell I'm not the only one. Because that's what whippets do: they have the ability to make you love them, even if you were opposed to the breed at the beginning..

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