Friday, May 4, 2012

When you least expect it

Low blood glucose never comes in handy.. Mostly you get a low when you absolutely don't need one. Diabetes is always just around the corner, to catch you by surprise with a high or a low. For a long time, I preferred high blood sugar over lows, because they didn't make me feel bad. Readings over 400 - 500 and even 600 mg/dl didn't scare me. Was I not thirsty? Probably, but it didn't worry me. Not until my numbers started to get better.

Getting better numbers increases the risk of experiencing low blood sugars. They are no fun. Lows make your body shake. They blur your vision and slow down your speech. They make you anxious and nervous and they make you feel like whatever you do is in slow motion. Your legs feel like rubber bands and sometimes lows make your lips and cheeks sting. Not something you would look forward to. For the last 10 years, I have tried several fast acting sugars to make me feel better while experiencing a low blood glucose: glucose tablets, regular coke, juice, candy, pure dextrose, jelly beans, honey, bananas, jam, .. They all do the trick, but you don't always carry those solutions in your pocket or purse, do you?

When I heard about hypofit, it seemed like a really good solution to me. The hospital I frequent introduced me to the sachets of pure glucose gel. I immediately ordered a big container of 64 sachets. Diabetes is chronic, remember? And I do have multiple hypos a week, sometimes several a day. So I would run out of my sachets pretty fast.
Hypofit really does the trick. Every sachet has 15 grams of fast acting carbohydrates. Just the exact amount to give you that sugar boost you desperately need. It's cloyingly sweet and very sticky, but what can you expect from pure glucose gel? And hypos are not exactly the right time to enjoy a good snack. All you want is that terrible feeling to go away asap. So yes, I carry around my sachets of hypofit, in a small container. They fit in my purse, my car, my coat. I like to keep them handy all the time. Having many diabetic friends, there's always someone who needs a load of fast acting sugar. But I have noticed that more and more D-friends carry their own supply of hypofit.. I guess it works well.

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