Friday, May 18, 2012

Indulge without the bulge

It had been a while since we last went out for some fine dining. Our hometown is nothing compared to Antwerp or Ghent. We don't have that many opportunities to enjoy a culinary meal. Last week, my friend and I were taking a hike in Sas van Ghent, Holland, when she pointed out this restaurant to me. Right away, I was alerted by the menu hanging by the front door. That sounded so much like my favorite recipes! Truffle, sweetbreads, goat cheese ravioli with pistachios, slowly braised veal or Ras el Hanout tuna steak: sign me up! I won't say no!
I wrote down the address and checked the website as soon as I came home. No longer than one week later, we visited Restaurant Bottles. The place is trendy and the kitchen so refined. No overloaded plates, but small portions of well thought out combinations. Crunchy, salt, sweet or bitter, the palate was exquisite. The cook put a lot of effort in his meals and the waiters impressed me, serving our dinner wearing black gloves. I have some people in mind who would enjoy this kitchen as much as we did. I can't tell you in detail what we exactly had, but I can tell you that it was delicious. I don't drink that much alcohol, but my glass of wine was perfect and I would not have minded a second serving if I would have had a sober chauffeur.
This restaurant will be on my "places to visit again" list. I'm looking forward to it. Not cheap, but worth every penny.

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