Thursday, May 17, 2012

In silenzio

It doesn't take a 2 hour ride to find a place where you can relax and chill. Even very nearby, we found a place called LeegHof, where all of that peace and silence is available. Brandnew and spotless clean, we were welcomed by both our hosts. There was a suggestion of music preference throughout the building, what made it a pleasant way to enter the complex. We were offered a pair of slippers, before the lady of the house toured us around. The amount of space was enormous.. no narrow spots, no feeling of being trapped. The place is just huge but cosy at the same time. Relaxing colors, a perfect finish of all the materials used and brandnew appliances. Two glasses of fresh orange juice and some cookies awaited us. How thoughtful..
Two rain showers, a cold water hose, a waterfall: ready to be used in combination with shower gel, shampoo and conditioner offered by the hosts. The steam cabin was provided with color therapy LEDs and the hot steam was very inviting.
For the first time we enjoyed the infra red cabin and it was a pleasant sensation with the see through doors. A spacious white leather couch was placed nearby the outdoor exterior so you could enjoy some quiet time in between the different possibilities. We were lucky the sun felt like pampering us that night, so we could sit on the deck to dry up.
The outdoor heated pool was covered but easily opened with a simple button. Clear water in a serene environment.. what more could we ask for? A hot tub of course. The roofed in whirl pool can hold at least 8 people without being crowded. The view is awesome. White wool like clouds were peeking through the glass window in the wall, to give you a secure feeling of privacy.
I skipped the cold water barrel as well as the ice cold water stairs. Not my cup of tea. My muscles need warmth and that's where the sauna - heated by a wood stove - came in handy.
I had no need for my insulin pump during our stay. The warmth and the relaxation of going to a wellness center are the best way to keep your blood sugar low. No low sugars either, my BG behaved!
A cup of coffee or tea - offered by the hosts, again - was presented in the separate coffee room. What a wonderful place.. This young couple did an excellent job at building this place and exploiting it. Keep up the good work. This place deserves some extra attention in the world of relaxation.

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