Sunday, May 13, 2012

The meaning of life

Being the mom of two wonderful young ladies, I feel blessed. In highschool I was the only student who claimed she didn't want children. Not that I didn't like children, I just wasn't sure I would be able to raise children. It seemed like a very big deal at the time and there were too many other things I had planned. I wanted to go abroad and discover the world. I wasn't ready for motherhood...

Things didn't go as expected. I had a great time in the US, looking after someone else's offspring. Once again I realized how intense raising children was. But then I met my (future) husband and we got pregnant within a month after we met. As I said: not exactly what we had planned. Nevertheless, this baby was so welcome. Why did I ever think I didn't want to be a mommy? We were forced to think about parenting and raising a child and by the time we had it figured out, I was expecting our second girl. They are the most precious gift ever. It is wonderful to be a mom and to love your children unconditionally. They never asked to come into this world. Those were choices we had made. It is a huge responsibility and it ain't always easy, but it is very fulfilling to see two babies grow up and turn into young ladies. They are charming and every day is a challenge. I'm grateful to have them in our lives. Thank you girls, for being who you are. Without you, there was not going to be a Mother's Day to celebrate.

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